Challenge of international, virtual teams

Virtual international teams pose their own special challenges. Cultural differences in communication and work styles, physical distance and time pressure combine to create a constellation that is not always transparent. Shortcomings in international cooperation within teams can lead to higher nonconformance costs and dissatisfied customers.

The Team Power Profiler is a tool that measures nine critical success factors in teams that cooperate across boarders, and additionally reveals the attitudes of each team toward their colleagues abroad. Each team member answers a simple, anonymous online multiple-choice survey, and is also offered the possibility to write comments. The test takes around 15 minutes.

The critical success factors are:
•    Infrastructure and support
•    Internal reaction time
•    Workload
•    Communication
•    Project management
•    Team relations
•    Customer relations
•    Motivation
•    Job perspectives

The results will be presented in an on-site visit to your project management team with an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the international cooperation and suggestions for optimizing team success.