Consulting Situations

  • You want to make sure that your recruitment and selection processes will find the best candidates.
  • You want to structure a personnel development plan that will keep the best employees in your company.
  • You want to assure that Marketing and Sales are adapted to the local culture and so will be successful.
  • You want to reduce start-up problems with a culturally adapted leadership style.
  • You want to lead virtual teams to success by taking advantage of the potential that lies in diversity.
  • You want to gain cultural insight to assure the success of a merger or acquisition.
  • Your business is becoming increasingly internationalized and you want find the right balance between global and local in your business strategy.
  • You are outsourcing and want to ensure the success of know-how transfer and the continued loyalty of your cooperation partners.
  • You want to carry out intercultural organizational development.
  • You are implementing a change management program in an international environment.

We can offer you consulting and training, and if you wish, can accompany you along the way to success. We maintain our systemic approach based on our triangle: as an individual, you have a concrete role and a goal that you have to reach in your own and in the foreign culture. We consider not only isolated individual situations and people; we apply our dynamic triangle.

Following a merger between a German and a US medical device manufacturer, conflicts arose in the discussions about streamlining the product line. The analysis revealed that the users of the products in Germany differed significantly from those in the US. The recommendation was to switch from a universal product range to locally adapted products.

A German company introduced a new production management software in their factories in China. Despite intensive training, Chinese employees didn’t record the data that was necessary for the documentation. The analysis showed that the principles of Chinese leadership and hierarchy had not been borne in mind during the implementation. The software was re-launched in a culturally appropriate manner.