Intercultural trainings with the experts

Our training is characterized by:

  • Active, transfer-oriented insight training
  • A large range of training methods
  • High motivation by having fun while learning
  • Scientifically based methods and contents

Triangle offers country-specific consulting and training. Thanks to our extensive experience, Triangle can also offer the country combinations that are relevant to your work.
We can offer you a workshop in cultural basics designed for the globetrotters in your company, who have business contacts in many countries but neither the time nor energy to prepare themselves for every culture separately.

We divide the world into regions where certain cultural tendencies are shared. We integrate the experience of the participants and focus on the countries most relevant to them.
Typical concerns are:

  • How can I win and maintain customers?
  • How can I win trust and help to solve problems with our suppliers?
  • How can I motivate coworkers?
  • How can I support my team?

Triangle offers consulting and training for the countries and regions indicated in the map below. We can recommend experienced trainers for almost all other areas of the world.