Support for your international projects

Intercultural problems in international projects tend to intensify in certain phases of the project. We can accompany your projects and anticipate these phases. We can offer training, mediation, or consulting as required.

  • Kick-off planning
  • Design of communication channels
  • Intercultural Review
  • Coaching for the team leader
  • Lessons learned

We work with you to develop suitable workshops for the triangle in which the group is involved: in open discussions we make the cultures involved understandable, get people in contact with each other and work out ways to achieve common goals in the organization.

A German company with subsidiaries in the Netherlands and France wants to plan a major project together. Difficulties become immediately apparent: The Dutch felt patronized by the German headquarters, the French saw both the Germans and the Dutch as being unnecessarily rude and the Germans saw the discussions with the French as being much too rambling and inconclusive. There was also disagreement on how to proceed.