Individual support for your special situation

Coaching is individualized support that can be utilized in diverse situations. Here some examples:

  • Lateral leadership
  • Taking on a leadership position abroad
  • Virtual project leadership
  • Effective customer relation strategies
  • Support for personal professional development (for example, after a management development AC)
  • Preparation for intercultural troubleshooting in foreign subsidiaries

We work with you to assure your success and take the dynamic triangle into account: you as a person – your task within your organization – your home and target culture(s).

A German is sent to Russia to take over the management of a project group. Her usual participatory leadership style proves to be ineffective. Her coaching was focused on 2 priorities: a better understanding of the Russian mentality and the development of strategies to improve leadership success.

A German is experiencing difficulties in negotiations with an Indian customer. Both the customer’s expectations as well as his negotiation style are puzzling to the German. The coaching promoted a better understanding of the customer and outlined a more promising negotiation strategy. This included intensive preparation and follow-up for each negotiation session.