Variant 1: As a complement to your programs

We design modules that fit into your existing development program and make it possible for your experts to ensure knowledge transfer abroad. On the basis of our experience and knowledge of best practices we suggest adaptations that will promote acceptance and adherence to the desired standards.

A German company is very focused on quality. In order to achieve their goal, they have to shape the necessary environment and train the responsible persons worldwide. To this end, they launch a two-year international program for quality managers. The final intercultural module illuminates the diversity and effectiveness of different cultural perspectives.

Variant 2: The full Design

Leadership, conflict management, negotiation and project management – you have these training courses, and want to internationalize them. We develop and implement modules or complete trainings for your target cultures.

A large German company has been offering a leadership development program that is geared to a German work environment. Intercultural competence has been taught in an additional workshop. Sometimes these are contradictory: best practice at home may be worst practice abroad. Solution: prepare an integrated program in which both German and international management practices are included.